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Bolivia is one of the poorest and most troubled countries in Latin America. The Jewish community of Bolivia consists of approximately 200 people and only 25 students.

This tiny community is represented by the Circulo Israelita (CI) of La Paz, Bolivia – the country’s Jewish organization. Recent difficulties has forced CI to request scholarship aid from Yaldeinu to funds its after school Jewish program. Before being cancelled 2 years ago, this program was the community’s only avenue to teach its children about Israel and the Jewish people. This June, Yaldeinu and Hillel want to bring it back!

Toronto students are being given the unique opportunity to make tangible differences in the lives of Bolivian children by raising funds in support of the Jewish community as well as the impoverished non-Jewish people of Bolivia.

Applications are being accepted by concerned students who want to leave a lasting impact on this troubled country and re-start Bolivia’s
after-school Jewish studies program. This exciting opportunity will give students important experience and could lead to their participation in the Hillel/Yaldeinu Aid Mission to Bolivia during the summer of 2009.

Academic Journal with Educational Prizes

In January 2009, Yaldeinu and Hillel of Greater Toronto initiated Morrow’s Voice; a student journal unlike any other. Through student leadership, the journal will raise funds for a dynamic after-school program, teacher salaries and teaching materials in La Paz, Bolivia!

Morrow’s Voice is a grassroots initiative to give Jewish students in Canadian universities the opportunity to comment on a variety of issues
concerning the Jewish world. The academic journal accepts monographs as well as visual arts and poetry submissions.

Submissions will be vetted by an advisory council of Toronto-based academics and students which will award prizes for winning submissions. These prizes include a full-year academic scholarship at the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an all expenses-paid Israel experience program in the summer of 2009.

Morrow’s voice will be published by Yaldeinu in print format and distributed en mass on University and college campuses.

Aid Mission to La Paz, Bolivia

According to the Canadian International Development Agency, Bolivia is the poorest country in South America. Nearly two-thirds of its people live in poverty, including one-third who live in conditions of extreme poverty. While these figures are very high, Bolivia has lowered the poverty rate from levels that were even higher than they are today. Even so, the gap between the rich and the poor is getting worse and remains second only to Brazil in the southern hemisphere. Widespread discontent with the slow pace of change has fuelled massive protests and destabilized the political system. For more information on Bolivia click here.

High Impact Fundraising

In order to really change the lives of Bolivian children and leave a lasting impression on this struggling community, funds must be raised. Toronto students can participate in Yaldeinu’s fundraising campaign for the Bolivian Jewish community. Top fundraisers may win the opportunity to
participate the Aid Mission to La Paz, Bolivia.

For more information please contact or call 905.482.3374 today!